Recursos para padres
This page has been provided for parents of our students to help then find the most popular pages quickly.

The following guidelines will lead to a successful partnership between parents and staff at all Sisters Schools:

  1. Make attendance and being to school on time a priority.
  2. Positive communication with school staff creates an effective working relationship.
  3. Honor and integrate school rules at home.
    1. We think, talk and act in a safe and healthy way.
    2. We become self-managers and responsible citizens in class, in school, and in our community.
    3. We treat people and their property as we would like ourselves and our property to be treated.
    4. We know what to do to solve big and small problems.
  4. Set routines in your home.
    1. Provide a positive homework environment.
    2. Read with your child.
    3. Limit and monitor TV and computer activities.
    4. Encourage healthy eating habits.
    5. Ensure your child gets adequate rest.
  5. Familiarize yourself with current statewide student expectations in the forms of standards and benchmarks.


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