Cuarto curso
Cuarto grado en la Escuela Primaria Sisters es un gran año de transición para nuestros estudiantes.

Fourth grade at Sisters Elementary School is a big transition year for our students. This is the last grade level to achieve in our building, before transitioning to our middle school.


Our fourth grade is steeped in the tradition of Oregon history: our Oregon’s First People celebration, overnight fieldtrip to the state capitol, Fort Vancouver, and Oregon Historical Society, Lewis & Clark, Oregon pioneers. Additionally, all classes are using the Storyline method to help integrate creative arts with reading, writing, math, science, and social studies standards.


In math, students are continuing their development of number sense, and multiplication and division skills. There is also a heavy focus on fractions. Writing is integrated within our math content so that our students can become savvy problem solvers; learning how to analyze information and respond in writing.


Our focus in fourth grade reading is learning to evaluate, analyze and synthesize text. We facilitate the process of building stamina within our young readers by introducing them to all types of genres and novels.  There is a consistent focus on building comprehension skills and developing a life-long love of reading.