About Sisters School District

We are united in our commitment to provide all students with the education they need to reach their fullest potential.  They will graduate, be college or career ready, with the skills necessary to achieve success in the 21st century.

Throughout the Sisters School District, students have an opportunity to take programs and classes that are hard to find anywhere else. Classes like Chinese, Interdisciplinary Experiential Education, or our Luthier program.

The Oregon Department of Education produces annual report cards for schools and districts. These reports provide educators with an opportunity to communicate directly with parents and community members about how local schools are performing.

The first school in the Sisters school district, then District #9, Crook County, was built about 1885 although Crook County records show money had been allotted to the district in 1883. There were 30 children on the census in 1885.

The six programs are High School Success, Student Investment Account, Continuous Improvement Planning, Career and Technical Education, Every Day Matters and Early Indicators Systems. 

In this day and age, schools get a lot done through creative and unique partnerships and collaborative efforts within their own communities. Sisters is no different. Through educational support, workshops, grant dollars, and so much more,